One day I snapped. It didn't come out of no where. It was something that had been building up inside of me as if society had been bunking on my couch and their bad manners had slowly been grating on my nerves until I erupted.

I heard a story about 13 and 14 year old girls sending naked pictures over the internet to boys they liked because that was the only way they knew how to attract them, and it pierced my heart. Obviously, I wasn't upset with these girls, but I was upset with the environment our society has created which has cheapened our bodies, demeaned sex, and debased love.

I was by myself and I remember saying out loud, "I wish I could just make a shirt that tells the whole world to respect women!" Then I stopped.  Wait a minute.  I can make a shirt that says “Respect Women”! 

Skyler Payne -Creator and Owner

I bet other people would like to have a shirt like that, too.  Not only that but I had been thinking of various t-shirt sayings most of my adult life.  I could start a whole line!

Thus, Sky-Pie Apparel was born.

Today’s society seems to not only degrade women, but has brain washed us so much that we rejoice when a young woman reaches the “status” of being a “sex kitten”.  There is nothing wrong with praising the beauty of a woman, but women overlook the fact that they are disrespected because this status grants them attention and what they may even mistake for love.  I’ve seen time and again, sly men who manipulate women, making them feel good, to get what they want.

If Sky-Pie Apparel makes one person, male or female, think twice about how they treat their mother, wife, daughter, sister, girlfriend, co-worker, themselves, or a random woman or man on the street, then all the countless hours of work I have put in will be worth it.

To live in a world that grows in faith, hope, and love is not a pie in the sky ideal.  Our slogan is “Clothing that Gives Life”.  A portion of every proceed goes to charity. With what we do and with who we are, we want to promote abundant life, to promote world health by encouraging people to think, smile, and feel unique.  Everyone in the entire world should think for themselves, needs a smile, and is pricelessly unique!                                                        

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